Carcassonne: Board Game Review


There are a few video games that without a doubt define their times and Carcassonne is one of them. Designed by way of Klaus-Jürgen Wrede and published in 2000 by using Hans im Glück, it made a massive effect at the board gaming enterprise and taken many people who had misplaced contact with board games lower back on course. Now in 2012, after more than a decade, and with dozens of expansions being available, Carcassonne nonetheless shines and proves what desirable video games are made of. Let’s take a plunge into its exceptional international.

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Game Overview

Carcassonne is a small city in southern France, renowned for its bold fortifications that still stand and is part of Unesco’s listing World Heritage Sites. It is encircled by way of a large double row of fortified partitions that run nearly 2 miles long, accentuated by 56 watchtowers.

That became likely the inspiration for this sport which revolves around building castles, roads, farms, and cloisters within the area of the famous town. Carcassonne is a tile laying game for the whole family. There are 72 land tiles that depict farmland, roads, towns, and cloisters. Each participant starts out with 7 fans (meeples) which can be his delivery and can be used as farmers, thieves, knights or clergymen at some point of the sport with the aid of placing them on a newly located tile.

At the start of the sport, every participant locations one among his fans at the rating board for use as a rating marker.

The sport starts by using placing the beginning tile (the one with darker back) in the middle of the table. The rest of the tiles are shuffled and positioned in several face-down stacks. Each player, in his flip, takes a tile from a stack, reveals it and places it on the desk so that it has one common side with an already played tile. Then he can decide if he desires to deploy a follower on that tile. Followers may be located on road segments as this, on farmland as farmers, on cities as knights or at cloisters as priests. Whenever a metropolis, avenue or cloister is completed, the player with most meeples on it scores victory factors and takes all meeples located on the development lower back to his delivery. That doesn’t follow to farms. Farmers are devoted to their land till the cease of the game, whilst each farm serving a finished city is scored. In the case that more than one players have meeples at the same street or metropolis, then the player with most meeples gets all the points. When or more players tie with the maximum thieves or knights they every earn the total points for the street or city.

The intricate part of the game is that every other participant can try to take manipulate of your town, street or farm via placing there extra meeples than you. Because no one can locate a meeple on a metropolis, avenue or farm with a current meeple, that can be executed best not directly. That is by setting e.G. A knight on a tile near the city you want to take over, in hope that the 2 city components will eventually merge.

The recreation ends when all tiles are placed on the desk. Players rating for their incomplete cities, roads, cloisters and remaining however no longer least farms are scored. Whoever has the maximum fans on a farm, takes all the factors from that farm and other players that still have followers on that farm benefit, not anything. If the quantity of followers from every player is equal, most of these players get the equal factors.

First Impressions

Opening the field of Carcassonne, well-known shows a pleasing package of fantastically illustrated cardboard tiles, a few timber meeples, the scoring music and a 6-web page rulebook. The regulations of the sport are pretty clear-cut and the illustrated examples help clarify any questions. Within a few minutes, you may begin gambling the sport, which lasts approximately forty-five mins. Playing the primary few games become lots fun for all players and I ought to observe that most of us felt quite addicted and had been eagerly inclined to play again (on the way to pay revenge or refine our strategies). The first impact, thumbs up! Since then I played the sport several greater times and here is my judgment on our common scoring classes:

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All additives of the sport are quite excellent and leave not anything to be preferred. The tiles have elaborate designs and as they are placed adjoining to each other and begin to form a more photo, it absolutely feels high-quality looking at your advent. They are made of difficult cardboard, very hard to be afflicted by use no matter how frequently the game is played. The meeples, oh that meeples!! I sincerely love them. They are your wood little fans, usually geared up to dedicate themselves to whatever project is determined for them. The scoring song is excellent but might be a touch bigger as for the counting. Score on the song is till 50 factors however extra often than no longer, the score exceeds a hundred points, some thing that is a little complicated. The first time the meeple marker crosses the cease of the music, it can be placed on its lower back with a purpose to understand we have reached 50 factors. But what about the second time around? 9/10


The heart of every game! Although Carcassonne is a easy sport with simple rules, there is a lot of approach involved in it. At the start of the sport, selections are limited and to be had positions to place your tiles are limited. But as the game progresses and the map expands, you are provided with ever growing options and demanding situations. You will have to assume carefully and decide: Is it higher to attack an opponent’s city or begin building your own? Should you area a farmer or a knight? Maybe you have to be greater conservative and not region a follower this flip. A massive gain of all tile-placement video games is which you get a extraordinary map in every sport and that removes the opportunity of boredom because of repetition. The truth is that the sport is very addictive. Once you play a few games and get the hang of it, you don’t want to prevent. You want to try exclusive techniques, exceptional methods, discover the multitude of options. And with all the ones expansions available, fun is practically assured. Another plus is that the game appeals to game enthusiasts and non-gamers alike. The regulations are simple and all people can learn how to play inside a couple of minutes however gamers can even find enough strategic elements right here to attract them and keep them glad. Let’s now not overlook that a World Championship of Carcassonne is held every 12 months at Essen. That proves how aggressive it may be. 8/10

Learning Curve

As mentioned earlier, the sport has quite simple guidelines and may be found out inside minutes. The 6-web page rulebook may be very properly-written and is surely a four-page with one web page being an overview of all to be had tles and one an illustrated instance of farmer scoring. Nine/10


Well, the sport subject is everywhere in the place. As the map grows and expands a fantastic world of medieval castles, cloisters and roads unravels and it surely feels you’re in Carcassonne. Although there is not truly a story in the back of tha sport, only a metropolis, components of the game fulfil their function of speaking the sense of developing the location around Carcassonne. 7/10


Due to the ever converting layout of the tile-shaped map, every sport of Carcassonne will always be exceptional. Moreover many different methods in strategy can be tried out with the aid of gamers. The recreation is simple and takes no extra than forty five mins to finish. All the above factors assure that the game will frequently find an area to your board gaming desk. 7/10


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Player interplay is what makes this recreation fun. Take manage of your opponent’s cities, farms, and roads with devious methods. And if you can not, just make it not possible for them to complete that large city of theirs, trapping their knights. They may be furious but they may understand your strategic capabilities as nicely. Discussing the exceptional placement of every tile will also trigger thrilling conversations throughout the game. All in all, now not natural, clean amusing however you’ll spend many quality hours with it.