Five Ways To Become a Better Competitor (No Matter What the Sport)


There aren’t any genuine secrets and techniques to becoming a better competitor. The standards are equal, no matter what sport you take part in. What follows are 5 exact approaches wherein you may right away come to be a better competitor and athlete. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an Olympian-to-be, put in force those techniques and notice for yourself.


1. Forget approximately the win, consciousness at the combat

This principle is the most critical difference between mediocre athletes and successful people at the very best stage of their sport. I consider that sports activities provide us an outstanding metaphor for life. They train us to paintings towards desires, individually and with others, and how to choose ourselves up after attempting instances. That being said, sports activities stink in a single regard: They train us that life is all about wins and losses. In the game, there may always be a winner, and usually a loser.

In life, the equal isn’t always actual. It isn’t always a 0-sum sport, where one character’s gain equals another individual’s loss. You cannot “win” in a courting, for instance. You can use the handiest work to make it fulfilling and exciting for both people worried. If you want to become a better athlete and competitor, forget approximately whether you win or lose in a sport. Focus extra on how properly you combat and compete, as this is something completely within your control. You can not control the outcome of recreation (triumphing) even though you think you can! What have several expert athletes had professional days in their sport in a dropping attempt as evidence of this? Too many to rely on. It takes place each day. This is because there are too many variables that pass into prevailing, which might be out of our management.

The greater you can make consciousness of the ones you can control (especially how hard you play), the better you will experience giving up. If you got down to outwork your opponent, or to by no means give up and comply with through, you’ll have carried out your dreams. Doing so evokes confidence. And sports activities are all about self-belief.

2. Come organized

Coming organized approach that you work to recognize something about your opponent before you compete in opposition to them. Know what they love to do and what they do not love to do. Bill Russell, who won eleven championships with the Boston Celtics (in most effective 13 years), used to talk about how he would come to games prepared close to his combatant’s strengths, weaknesses, and how they reacted in stress conditions. He would then merely observe this knowledge, using it to gain a large benefit over the other participant. How does this observation to you? Study your opponent, if at all viable. Please find out how they play in heat-ups, what their strengths are, what their weaknesses are. You can do this by simply looking for ten mins or so.

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If you’re a weekend warrior, you may nonetheless try this, even earlier than select-up games. Notice how your opponent talks to you (or him or herself) at some point of opposition (“Man am I tired,” “I cannot make any putts these days”), and you’ll select up extra records. Overall, the better prepared you’re strategically entering opposition, the higher the results can be inside the warmness of warfare. Do a number of the work beforehand of time to get aside.

3. Use vitamins as a bonus


I do not know of any sport wherein higher nutrition might not help an athlete perform higher. I might not get too deep into specifics right here, but following basic dietary hints for game participation will enhance your food regimen and overall performance. Some smooth ways encompass:

4. If you have the artillery, use it. Play in your strengths

For example, if you are a basketball player with a decent shot, however, you’re in awesome form, why now not use your health as your side in the sport? Run the participant guarding you into the floor. Run her or him via selections, round alternatives, up and down the court, no matter if you are scoring or not. Sooner or later, if they’re now not as match as you bodily, they may tire and break down. If, as a golfer, you’re better along with your putter than together with your irons, do not worry about playing an unstable shot, lengthy as you can get it somewhere on the green. Get the factor? Use whatever your strengths are on your gain. Always.

5. Instill competitive rituals

Rituals are the cornerstone of champion overall performance. Next time you watch a professional sporting event, look for rituals that the players perform. You’ll discover that nearly every athlete who performs to their highest stage has pre-, during-, and publish-recreation rituals. Why? Because these rituals serve to:


If you don’t have rituals as a prime aspect of your game participation, alternate that! Something as easy as paying attention to the calming song, writing in a journal, or stretching in a positive, precise manner can serve as your ritual. The secret’s to find something that prepares you mentally for something the demands of your sport. If you are a boxer, wrestler, or soccer participant, listening to a Beethoven piano sonata may not pleasant prepare you for the bodily onslaught you are about to stand. However, with a recreation that includes golfing or tennis (where being calm is a distinct gain), a slower, extra calming piece of track would possibly do the trick. The key is to tailor your ritual to the game.

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