8 Must-Have Features to Make Your Blog Fully Functional


In this text, I will discuss the functions that one (a blogger) ought to have or consist of in his/her blog to make a fully practical blog that might advantage one’s self and its readers. But earlier than that, permit me to let you know something. Do you already know that your blog layout can affect an awful lot of using site visitors in your blog and even boost up your blog readership? Well, truly it does. As all of us realize, actors, fashions, and actresses are promoting out due to their looks proper? Because of their figure. It’s simply the same along with your weblog.

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Making your blog presentable is a big promotional aspect. You want to make a first impression on your target audience. There’s a famous announcing “do not decide an ebook with the aid of its cowl” however come on, we all know that cover performs a vital function for an ebook to get noticed. Its advertising and if you’re a blogger.

You need to don’t forget that one. Grabbing the attention of your target market is a pinnacle priority earlier than something else as basically when you have executed that, the whole thing else follows. When a person browses the net and happens to land on your web page or blog. The first factor that they’ll observe is your blogs layout. If you’ve got the good searching weblog, the much more likely that your target audience is going to live a piece longer as they prefer what they’re seeing. Nobody wants to stay in an unsightly weblog. Its now not being mean but it’s being practical or sensible. People desire something this is beautiful in the attention. That’s human nature. Also, having a terrific searching blog can build credibility as essentially, having a very good searching blog means effort and dedication. Which tells your target market that you are severe on what you’re doing that is running a blog. On the opposite hand. A true weblog design may be easy yet rich in capabilities. It’s now not just about being tricky nor fancy. But also, it should be feature Enrich.

What is a great blog design? And what does it compose?

In my very own opinion which I wish you guys might agree. A top weblog design isn’t just about the layout or subject matter however it’s additionally about the capabilities it comprises. These features are “have to have” as it will make your blog design entire and completely useful. This functions makes your weblog useful and gives convenience on your target market as every function plays a vital role and have a unique purpose. Without further ado. Here are the should have functions that make up an excellent weblog layout that you have to include for your weblog to make it as one.

1. RSS Subscription alternative (in a reader)

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Having an RSS subscription alternative to your blog is a should because it enables you to syndicate your blog content, making it more handy for you and to your readers. When you have an RSS subscription alternative (in a reader), you’re capable of sending a fully summarized textual content, or content material in a form of RSS feed in your readers or to folks who subscribed in your blog.

The different benefits you may get from adding an RSS subscription option to your blog is that. You are capable of getting in touch with others or to be unique, together with your readers as they get informed every time you create or replace an article properly? For this, a high danger that you may get a returning visit from your readers as they may need to remark and explicit their mind, opinions, reactions on a specific article you create.

Note that everyone goes to is a counted visitors so having an RSS subscription alternative to your blog is definitely proper because it does numerous suitable matters both for you and to your readers. Also, If you are selling a product via your article. These returning visitors/readers can become a potential sale. Whether you are promoting a product or simply without a doubt writing an editorial. You usually make your readers informed about it. Having a subscription option for your weblog may also assist construct your credibility or popularity due to the fact every subscription could be delivered to your readers be counted. The more subscribers/readers you have.

2. RSS Subscription via Email (powered via Feedburner)This feature is similar to the primary one. Only even though, this option permits you to send your syndicated contents or updates straight to the e-mail inbox of your subscribers who subscribe thru electronic mail. For others, they discover this subscription choice greater handy because they’re capable of reading the modern day facts to your blog proper from their emails which is the first aspect they open upon putting on their computer.

Do you settle? Well, its hard to generalize but in my case, its the first factor that I do when I open my pc. Also, this selection permits you to build your listing as basically you get the emails of your subscribers via handling your Feedburner email list because of this, you’re capable of getting in touch together with your subscribers even extra. But, additionally, bear in mind to manipulate your list properly in case you don’t want to get unsubscribe or get banned from the use of this option.

You have to don’t forget and respect the privacy of your subscribers. Having this option for your blog is a have to not simplest because of its benefits, but also because it offers your target market the total freedom to get updated with the contemporary information the usage of the subscription option that they discover maximum convenient for them.

3. Navigation Bar–

Having a navigation bar to your blog is a need to due to the fact this option will guide your audience to the maximum vital pages of your blog very easily. This gives your target market a convenience on locating facts in your blog, specially the ones information that aren’t shown on your house page or touchdown web page. With the usage of navigation bar, those data can still be get admission to via your audience without having a difficult time. Also, navigation bars are located at the pinnacle a part of your weblog and therefore its very considerable by using the audience.

4. Featured Post–

Featuring something for your weblog is one of the matters that you should recollect. It’s like telling your audience to test or read something which you want them to, in a pleasing way or without being worrying. Featured posts may be in a shape of advocated studying, famous articles, associate products evaluation. Having this to your weblog is a must because it implies self belief. This characteristic may even advantage you a lot in particular if there may be something which you actually need to be noticed with the aid of your target market.

5. Recent Posts–

Adding a latest posts function in your weblog is a have to due to the fact this option suggests or gives your audience the most latest or most up to date articles to your blog. Yeah, the can dig the information for current articles however permitting your target audience to get a handful of the maximum current and freshest articles to your weblog without having to dig is being formal and that is what they essentially like. Giving your audience the ease and comfort have to be protected for your pinnacle priorities as a blogger. This “latest post” characteristic is a whole lot the identical with “featured submit” but the best distinction is that, this option suggests the maximum latest and hottest factor for your blog handiest.

6. Top Commenters
Top commenters feature (plugin), that is to be had for WordPress bloggers and in some point, to other bloggers that uses a platform that allows plugin, is a characteristic with the intention to display you and your target market the individuals who comments most for your weblog. Typically, on your sidebar. Adding this feature on your weblog if feasible is a ought to because this will help you tune very effortlessly the persons who are so active commenting in your weblog by means of showing you their names or even the numbers of feedback they have. Knowing folks that are inquisitive about you and likes your thoughts is a have to, and its made smooth through Top commenters feature.Another right reason why you have to have this feature in your blog is that, it’ll entice more commenters. Specially bloggers and different webmasters because they get unfastened publicity for your weblog every time they make a comment as their names are going to be shown for your “Top Commenters list” that’s placed on your sidebar. They do not simply get undeniable back-links but also they get a type of text link advert without spending a dime.

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7. Ad area
Having an ad space to your blog is a ought to as it offers the you risk to generate greater income out of your weblog and from your associate promotions. If you have got a first-rate weblog with a good quantity of site visitors, then you can monetize it through selling an ad area. Typically, a one hundred twenty five x 125 banner advert on your sidebar or maybe a textual content link advert. Many small organizations out there are looking for this form of marketing due to the fact they locate it so handy and they could keep masses of cash. Which is why having this option on your weblog is one which you need to consider in particular if you have a pleasant weblog with large traffic.

8. Favorite Related Blogs

Having this feature in your blog is one of the things which you have to recall specifically in case you’re simply starting out because this option will help you construct courting with other bloggers. If you upload a specific weblog associated which you like to your listing of “preferred associated blogs” the owner of that blog receives a one way link from you and he/she will really grow to be satisfied with it.